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A New Year’s Greeting of the Governor А.N. Tkachev to the People of Kuban

Dear fellow-countrymen!

The New Year is nearing. It is the only time when we begin the countdown of how many days, hours, minutes remain until the clock strikes; when the whole family sits around the festal table. The smell of a fir and tangerines, like in the childhood, will fill up our homes with a special warmth and comfort.

Almost 60,000 small Kubanians are about to celebrate their very first New Year, and it is the main achievement of the old year. Three thousand destitute children will be celebrating their first New Year in a family circle. They have found the loving parents and we managed to get rid of 6 orphanages!

As well, in the Family Year there were celebrated about 40,000 weddings. It is also an achievement that we are being proud of!

The finishing year was the time of intensive work, courageous initiatives, and great victories. We have harvested a crop of wheat, an unheard of amount for the region over the whole history — 12 million tons. We have reached a new level, by the number of vacationists coming to the Kuban health resorts. We have secured the leadership, in terms of the housing construction in the country. We have attracted the unprecedented investments into the economics and assembled a record high budget.

All together, working hard, we created a strength margin, which will enable Kuban to confidently overcome all trials, to preserve the production growth, to strengthen the positions in the commodity market of Russia and most importantly — to implement all the social obligations. That is exactly what makes the quality of the people’s lives of all families.

Kuban always was and will be a territory of stability. That is the most important thing.

Dear fellow-countrymen!

I wish you, from the bottom of my heart, that all the dreams and hopes of yours will come true in the year 2009! Let this bright and warm holiday bring prosperity and health, love and accord to every single family.

Let our native Kuban be generous, godsent and thriving.

I wish you good luck and a Happy New Year!