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A conference led by the Kuban’s governor Mr. Aleksander Tkachev and the power block representatives of the region was devoted to the provision of security in the region during the New Year’s festivities

The New Year’s holidays in our country are traditionally celebrated in a big way. However, not always the long winter holidays end up quite happily. The statistics shows that, in the first place, during the first week of January the number of fires, traumas, poisonings increases in Russia. Kuban is not lagging behind the All-Russian tradition where the New Year is celebrated for a long time, thoroughly and, often, carelessly.

In recent years, the list of potential threats of the "New Year’s" safety, along with fire, pyrotechnics, and alcohol, was completed with the terrorism. In order to secure the Kubanians and the guests of the region from unforeseen "surprises" as much as possible, the military and policing branch of the region has been fully engaged in the service. A particular attention of the law enforcement agencies is focused on the places of the festive events.

"The objective №1 for all the people present here is to do so, that the holidays could be spent by the residents and guests of the region in peace and a stable atmosphere" emphasized the governor.

According to the head of the region, one of the important factors for providing security in the region lies in interaction of defense and the law enforcement agencies. As per the additional security measures, then, as before, it is the matter of vigilance of the ordinary residents, as well as the public religious organizations.