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Under the chairmanship of the vice-governor of Kuban Galina Zolina there was held another conference call regarding control of the Regulation fulfillment "About the measures on prevention of neglect and delinquency of minors in the Krasnodar Region"

In spite of the fact that the "children’s" law was accepted about five months ago, still, some municipalities tackle the implementation of it according to the leftover principle. The Ust-Labinsky Area is the most different one amongst the rest in this regard. A recent night inspection, held by the specialists of Krasnodar Region Administration in the regional center, as well as the villages of Volzhskaya and Ladozhskaya, revealed a number of the most blatant violations.

At the Administration of Ladozhskaya village, the headquarters of law and order protection were closed by the moment of arrival of the inspection participants (11.00p.m.). The "Children’s" patrol, which, usually, consists of the militia staff, the administration and educational institutions, was already having a rest. The headquarters of Ust-Labinsk did not operate ether. In the village of Voronezhskaya there have been revealed facts of inaccurate compiling of protocols about the cases of overnight detention of minors.

However, the municipality "succeeded" not only in implementation of the "children’s" law. Over 11 months of the current year, the crime has grown here according to all indices.

For the vice-governor’s question about such a situation in the municipality the head of the area did not find a logical explanation of the situation.

The results of the Kanevsky Area have been no better. In one of the municipal settlements – the village of Chelbasskaya the personnel of Slavianka shop had been caught red handed while selling the alcoholic drinks to the minors. In the course of the inspection, it was ascertained that the shop belonged to the wife of the head of the settlement. Nevertheless, the most interesting aspect in the case of Slavianka is not even that.

When the inhabitants of Chelbasskaya decided to picket in front of the shop, in order to protest against the sales of alcohol to the minors, the head of the village arrived at Slavianka and was "condemning" the picketers so hard, that a part of them, frightened, dispersed back to their homes.

Galina Zolina named such a working approach in the previously mentioned area not only a negligent, but also a felonious one. The situation with implementation of the "Children’s" law in these municipalities was taken over the special control.

During the conference, the vice-governor touched on the topic of the neglect during not only the nighttime, but the daytime as well. According to Galina Zolina, the crime knows no rest, so, attention to the problem must be a constant one:

"Spotting of the uncared-for children should be done not only at nights, but during the daytime as well", pointed out the vice-governor. "Regardless from time of a day, attention should be focused on such "dens of inequity" as night clubs, discos, and computer clubs.