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The results of the old year and priorities of the future one were discussed at the last, in 2008, regional conference

Under the chairmanship of Aleksander Tkachev there were assembled his deputies, heads of departments and regional agencies.

They began with the sizing up. The economics of Kuban in the old year has beaten all records – the revenue amounted to almost 110 billion rubles. The investments were by 21 per cent higher. The wages and the amount of crediting were increased. A growth of the gross regional product – the most important index of each region was 9 per cent, being over the average Russian level.

"In recent years, in the region, especially in the year 2008, there was created a good base for keeping the same economy growth rates. Moreover, although the world crisis is going to take its effect, our region has already obtained a good safety factor for such complex period of time."

"The region has completed its commitments for 2008", said the vice-governor Ivan Peronko at the conference. "So, from now on, all the earnings will be reserved in order to finance the immediate needs in the first quarter of 2009."

Certainly, the participants have spoken about the future of Kuban. In 2009, as before, the so-called engine of the regional economics will be the agriculture and the resort sphere, but the industry, retailing and small-scale businesses are to catch up with it. Such a strengthening of the "engine" will be our response to the crisis.

"Despite the world financial turmoil, regarding the coming year, the specialists predict an economic growth in all major spheres, so, the objectives of the authorities of all levels lies in preserving these growth rates", pointed out the governor.

Aleksander Tkachev also told about the region’s development scenario: "The increase of the gross regional product — by 6.5 %, the increase in the industrial production — by 4 %, the volume of communication services increase — by 12 %, transportation services — by 11 %. Increase of the volume of services in the sanatorium and tourist complex — by 6.5%. We are planning to retain the level of the registered unemployment rate within the limits of one per cent. In comparison with the other entities it is a minimal index".

In Kuban, they have developed a plan for increasing the economics’ competitiveness, in order to reach such indices. Amongst its points, there is a control of the situation in the market of manpower and in the banking sector, effective use of the budgetary means.

As well, at the conference, they mentioned the fact that in the year 2009, the expenses for keeping the officials are to be cut down, but on the other hand, the support of the small-scale business will be increased. The four structural working groups, under the supervision of the vice-governor, will be dealing with monitoring and support of the main region’s enterprises.

Protection of the regional economics and budget will be carried out by an anti-crisis staff for improvement of the situation in the financial sector, which will be headed by the governor himself. The meetings are carried out on a weekly basis. So, the situation will be controlled constantly. Even the coming New Year’s holidays do not make any exception.