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The results of the first phase of works on provision of the engineering infrastructure for the first construction turn of the gambling zone of Azov-City have been summarized by the first vice-governor Yevgeny Muravyov at the conference with investors and

Building and assembly jobs in the Kuban part of the zone started back in August. Since then, about 200,000 cubic meters of fertile layer of earth have been removed and taken away, over 35,000 cubic meters of sand, crushed stone and other materials were delivered, the jobs on laying the water supply and sewer systems began.

Now, the road foundation has been almost completely replaced, stretching from Shabelskoye settlement up to the territory of the gambling zone. In winter, the road is to be used with the gravel surfacing, in spring the asphalt will be laid.

"Nowadays 40 units of building equipment and 45 specialists operate in the gambling zone", pointed out the Director General of the Krasnodar directorate of Azov-City Oleg Buzunov. "A sustainable mobile connection is established, a substation BKTP 400 was put into operation, a 13-kilometer line of the gas main, leading toward Molchanovka Khutor, was completed".

The investors who won a tender and received the rented plots in the zone started to join the big construction, taking place in the gambling zone. In particular, in December the Royal Time company initiated the construction of a gambling establishment of Orakul at its construction site of 4 hectares.

In order to meet the construction schedule of the engineering infrastructure of Azov-City the project participants are to resolve a number of issues. In particular, it is necessary as soon as possible to begin the construction in accordance with the plans approved for a high-voltage line VL 35 and Molchanovskaya substation of 35/10 kV, reconstruction of a pump station and construction of a water supply system of the settlement of Yei-Ukrepleniye.

The municipal authorities have completed all their commitments before these investors: there have been agreed upon the electricity transmission lines VL 35 kV, the water supply lines, operations to do with the land surveying for expansion of a pump station in Yei-Ukrepleniye are in progress, an architectural plan had been submitted to Kubanenergo.

Yevgeny Muravyov emphasized again, that, despite of a complex economic situation, all agreements with partners, first of all, with Kubanenergo and Yugodokanal, had to be completed in time and in corpore. By July 1, 2009 the residents of the gambling zone will have received 7.5 megawatt of electricity and 1,500 cubic meters of water. Already in January they will begin works on construction of the treatment facilities, laying of electricity networks, installation of the local substations; laying of the distribution gas main will commence in the gambling zone.

While getting the current problems sorted of creating Azov-City, the regional authorities also do not forget about the development prospects of this territory as a new resort area, in particular, about the coastal line protection stretching away for 5 kilometers (today it is a crumbling earth shore of about 30 meters high, useless for recreation and building).

The shore protection works fall under responsibility of the federal authorities, therefore the region will be trying to achieve inclusion of the works, on projecting, and implementation of the shore protection works, within the bounds of the gambling zone, in the programs financed by federal center.