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Jambulat Hautov: "We will run on final result. This result should feel every citizen of Kuban!"

By the order of the governor his first deputy Jambulat Hautov carried out a meeting with departments’ heads of economic section of administration of the region upon the correction of a plan of anti-recessionary measures directed to competitive recovery of Kuban economy. 

- We must draw the concrete action plan not only for regional structures, but for each head of municipality. It must be clear plan, which can be implemented by local officials in each subject of economy at their territory; - such a statement was made by the first vice-governor of the region Jambulat Hautov.

The governor Alexander Tkatchev approved the plan of protective measures both for employees and employers of Kuban, and this plan must be strictly satisfied, stressed Jambulat Hautov.

Departments presented a list of anti-recessionary measures at labor market, financial market, in industry, agriculture, building, transport and other branches of real economy of the region.

Regional authority daily tracks the situation at every large enterprise, and each event of employment layoffs becomes a subject of a dialog and joint operation of heads of branch-wise departments with owners and directors of these companies.

Branch-wise departments and municipalities have been already finishing a collection of applications of Kuban enterprises for necessary for their development credit resources. These applications become a guide for action for banks, working at the territory of the region.

And it’s equally important according to the first vice-governor to complete a building of those manufacturing and trade entities, which will provide to the region new tax proceeds and working places already this year. First of all it concerns 25 large projects, which have got the status of priority ones and the right for first-priority support of regional authorities.

- We will run on final result. This result should feel every citizen of Kuban, each employee and employer, - stressed Jambulat Hautov.

He is sure that if authorities will do their work correct in every city and district, at every enterprise, than till the end of first quarter Kuban would be able to pass from anti-recessionary measures to new stage in the economic development.

According to press service of the administration of the region

Department of Investments and Project Support of the Krasnodar Region