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The settlement Girey in Gulkevich rayon to be supplied with central heating, running water and electricity

The Vice-Head of the region Alexey Agafonov held a conference of the anti-recessionary staff in Gulkevich rayon. And before it he visited settlement Girey where inhabitants’ problem couldn't be solved without intervention of the regional authorities. 

The settlement Girey had all chances to remain without central heating, running water and electricity. The settlement was provided with these blessings of civilization by the local sugar factory of open joint-stock company "Gircubs", which has on its territory a thermal power station. But the factory is not in a fit state to pay for gas used this thermal power station to work.

The factory is under financial difficulties and the global economic crisis… And the inhabitants are in the real municipal distress. Without central heating could remain both settlement, and a local kindergarten, and without running water - more than 900 apartments and home ownerships.

The Vice-Head of the region Alexey Agafonov held an emergency meeting in the settlement Girey on which the decision on connection the settlement to other sources of power supply was accepted.

Now people to have normal conditions for life irrespective of the factory "Gircubs" problems. Henceforth the heating systems to be responsible for central heating in the settlement, "Kubanenergo" to provide with electricity, and local water canal - with running water.

On the same day by order of the Vice-Head of the region the regional department of TEK settled corresponding contractual relationship with suppliers of public utilities. The rates remains thus invariable.

- The Head of the region accurately pointed the principal aim - not to admit influence of the crisis on a life of Krasnodarians. The similar should not repeat nowhere, - Alexey Agafonov underlined on the meeting of the anti-recessionary staff in the administration of Gulkevich rayon. - We should protect people from the problems connected with the economic crisis.

The most important thing for today is a constant monitoring of work of the budget-making enterprises, - the Vice-Head of the region noted. - At decrease in indicators the reason should be found out and liquidated in the shortest terms. Certainly, the enterprises experiencing hardship under the new economic conditions to be given help and support. The exception are those who use the global economic crisis to cover inability to lead an enterprise competently.

Alexey Agafonov also underlined, that today the local authorities should support a small-scale business and continue realisation of priority investment projects as much as possible. It is a guarantee, that people to be provided both winh workplaces and with a worthy salary.

On the meeting the Head of Gulkevich rayon Vyacheslav Orel named a number of anti-recessionary measures which the municipality has already started to execute.

- We constantly trace a social and economic situation in the rayon. The employment service regularly carries out a monitoring of conditions on a labour-market. Special attention to be payed to the enterprises reducing tax revenues in the budget and reducing workplaces.

To the municipality management was given a mission every day to carry out a monitoring of a social and economic situation in the rayon. The anti-recessionary staff should operatively to find the decision of each problem. Its sessions to take place weekly.

Department of Investments and Project Support of the Krasnodar Region