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The Vice-Head of the region Alexey Agafonov said, that Krasnodar region has all chances to keep an investment line of development

To keep an investment line of development of the economy of Krasnodar region, to provide realisation of the investment projects of high level of readiness, to create as much as possible comfortable conditions for investors and small-scale business development in each territory of the region. 

These problems was put to municipal units at the meeting in the regional administration, devoted to results of actions on attraction and development of investments in cities and rayons last year and to prospects for the current year. 

The Vice-Head of the region Alexey Agafonov gathered the deputies heads of cities and localities and the heads of committees for reforms and development (those who should realise investment plans under new economic conditions) to discuss economic problems.

As it was noted in the report of the Head of the regional Department of investments and project support Andrey Nechushkin, during the last years Krasnodar region has developed very fast and has been in the lead on volume of investments - the first place in Southern federal district and the fifth in Russia. Some years the region kept rate of annual growth of investments at the level of 25 percent. The last year the volume of capital investments exceeded, by estimate, 318 billion roubles. This rate is more than twice above than on the average in Russia.

- Considering the new economic conditions, - it is clear, that the situation to change and in the investment sphere. Businessmen have difficulties in obtaining of credits, interest rates grow. However I'd like to notice that even under the conditions of crisis nobody removes from us function of attraction of investments into the region. The Head of Krasnodar region definitely determined the problem - projects which are already begun are necessary to be realised in the schedule date. The priority problem is maintenance of the reached volumes of investments, - the Vice-Head of the region Alexey Agafonov underlined.

First of all, it is necessary to provide realisation of projects of high level of readiness, - those that in 2009 to be already ready to start a new manufacture, to give to the region both taxes and new workplaces. And thу administrative support of these projects is important not less, and sometimes and more than financial one.

This year 25 large projects winh the total cost of 33.8 billion roubles which have received the status of priority projects and the right to prime support of the regional power should be realised in Krasnodar region. Realisation of these projects to provide to inhabitants of the region in addition about 3.5 thousand workplaces.

The Vice-Head of the region underlined that successful development of each rayon in many respects depends on that, how much competently the authorities can organise work with investors.

One more zone, not less, and, may be, even more important zone of responsibility of the municipal units is small-scale business investments. Today the small-scale business is the basic reserve of development of the economy, it gives 70 percent of regional goods turnover and provides with work half of population of Krasnodar region occupied in economy.

An effective system of support of a small-scale business operates in the region, the regional law is passed which grants the right to businessmen to redeem rented property without auctions with payment instalments for five years, expenses of businessmen under credits, certifications, presentation activity are subsidised.

Now it is business of every concrete city and rayon. It is necessary to organise an activity so that this help to reach everyone working and opening enterprise in a city or rayon. It is necessary to operate so that people were not afraid to open own business even under the difficult economic conditions.

Department of Investments and Project Support of the Krasnodar Region