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Results of Green Week 2009 international exhibition

The Green Week international agribusiness exhibition is the largest and best known exhibition of food, farming, forestry and orchard industry in the world. Every year more than 1500 companies from all continents take part in the Green Week international agribusiness exhibition.

In 2009 Krasnodar Region took part in the exhibition for the eighth time. The collective stand occupied an area of 1000 square metres and the Russian pavilion had a total area of 5000 square metres.

The main aim of the Region's participation in the exhibition was to attract the attention of foreign investors to Krasnodar Region, and to promote products from Krasnodar Region businesses on foreign markets.

The Krasnodar Region collective display presented 55 businesses and organisations. Almost 9 tons of 290 assorted products from leading Kuban businesses were delivered to the exhibition for tasting sessions, from such companies as Medvedovskii Meat Processing Plant, Kaloriya, Kropotkinskii Dairy Factory, the Kuban confectionary factory and others. Visitors to the exhibition were able to learn about 50 sorts of new products. These included 21 types of sausage, 8 cheeses (including Kuban Plezir, a blue cheese presented for the first time, from the Kaloriya firm, prepared using French technology), and 16 types of confectionary items. For the first time those who appreciate high class wine were able to taste the latest Kuban wine products which had been awarded top class prizes in 2008: Sauvignon Blanc from Miskhako; the Cru Lermont Merlot, Cabernet and Chardonnay lines from Fanagoriya, and Korolevskii Dub from Avrora.

This year the display was visited by the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and Minister for Agriculture of the Russian Federation Alexei Gordeev.

The official delegation from the Region (36 people including eight Heads of local authorities) took part in all the business events of the exhibition, including the official opening; the traditional German-Russian Russia-Germany: condition and prospects for partnership in the agricultural sphere; a reception held by the Minister for Agriculture of the Russian Federation Alexei Gordeev and the Ambassador of the Russian Federation in the Federal Republic of Germany Vladimir Kotenev for members of the official delegation.

The agricultural complex of Krasnodar Region had a stand on the display. Business representatives were offered a prepared base of 35 investment projects in the Region's agricultural sphere worth 26.4 billion rubles. Each investment project was presented with illustrated handouts in German and English, and contained all the information needed by investors. A film about the agricultural complex of Krasnodar Region was broadcast continuously on plasma screens, a multimedia version of presentation materials about the spheres of the agriculture complex of the Region and investment projects.

As is traditional at the exhibition business contacts with western partners were established, which will in the future lead to longterm mutually beneficial cooperation (for example, Big Dutchman, Bainlikh, Siemens, Berch Laska, Kronen, and many others.

On 16 January 2009 a reception by the Administration of Krasnodar Region was organised and held for the opening of the Region's display for Russian and foreign business circles (10 representatives of foreign companies attended).

As part of the Green Week 2009 international exhibition the Department for Agriculture and the Processing Industry of Krasnodar Region carried out an expanded business programme, including working meetings and business contacts.

A delegation from the agricultural complex of the Region visited:

the farmers' union of Sachsen-Anhalt;
a business growing and processing vegetables;
a stock raising complex with a selective breeding station (KPC, pigs).

Business meetings were held:

with the Minister for Agriculture of Sachsen-Anhalt (Germany) Petra Wernicke;
with the Manager of the Viere factory Mr H Viere (on possible deliveries to the Region of equipment for slaughterhouses and meat processing);
with the Manager of the Berch holding (on cooperation within a previously concluded agreement);
with the manager of KWS (on cooperation in the field of seed production) and Dresdner (on setting up a network of marketing centres in the Region), etc.

The result of negotiations was the execution by western partners of obligations to a value of not less than 1 billion rubles as part of previously concluded agreements. In addition, agreement was reached on further cooperation and concluding of new agreements.

During the exhibition an agreement was signed on cooperation in the field of investment activity to a value of 1025 million rubles with the Dominant group of companies.

Department of External Economic Activity of the Krasnodar Region