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Green light to small business!

How is small and medium business in cities and rayons of the region? How not in words, but in practice the measures provided by the regional authorities on business support are realised?  

These questions were put by the Vice-Head of the region Alexey Agafonov to the Heads of municipalities, regional branch Departments and Committees of reforms and developments at selector meeting in the regional administration.

- Under the new economic conditions small and medium business have a special role. Today the basic reserve of development of economy of the region is business as the most flexible part of business community capable mobile to adapt for varying conditions and to create new enterprises and new workplaces literally from scratch, - Alexey Agafonov reminded to responsible officials.

- The Head of Krasnodar region accurately formulated our problem - each official on his workplace should successively realise the measures provided in the regional anti-recessionary program. Only so we can keep economic stability in the region and protect people from possible consequences of crisis, - the Vice-Head of the region underlined.

He declared, that work with a small business in municipalities should be made under the simple and clear scheme: the maximum support of businessmen already working on the territory of the region and creation of comfortable conditions for potential businessmen - those who tomorrow (and it is better already today!) to make a decision to open the business.

In other words, to keep and increase small and madium business is a problem which faces to cities and rayons. But to solve this problem it is necessary to reveal possible problems and to solve them step-by-step.

However in a number of municipalities the absence of real support to small and medium business is covered with slogans and papers - instead of the real help businessmen are just go from office to office! There are no also experts who would be responsible for questions of development of small and medium business. And it is that absence of the help. And not to speak of some municipal programs of support of business which are not supported by financing. That is they are simply a paper which is written for appearances' sake.

The head of the regional Department of investments and project support Andrey Nechushkin called leaders and outsiders of the regional rating on cumulative indicators of development of small and medium business in his speech.

Among the best ones are Temrjuksk rayon, Krasnodar and Goryachy Kluch, Tuapse rayon and Armavir.

Last lines of the rating are occupy by Otradnensk, Gulkevich, Mostovsk and Tbilisi rayons.

Accordingly, social and economic indexes in these municipalities are the lowest.

Alexey Agafonov called such relation to business inadmissible and called the administrations of cities and rayons for facing to problems of businessmen:

- Everyone should perform his work. Business should develop, pay taxes and give to people work. And the power should fairly carry out the given obligations. I wish to warn the heads of municipalities: to estimate your work on business support is very easy. The basic criterion is a growth or recession of quantity of managing objects of small and madium business on your territory. And if the enterprises are closed, it means, either you stay idle or interfere with work. And then the corresponding measures to be taken.

The Vice-Head of the region underlined, that businessmen should receive the fullest information from the local authorities on what measures of support can count within the limits of the regional and local programs of support of small and madium business, and also about conditions of participation in the state and municipal order and about forms of financial support at the expense of the regional guarantee and venture funds.

Department of Investments and Project Support of the Krasnodar Region