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Business is small, but important!

How to receive the credit for manufacture development, and then the grant for repayment of percent, to complete the formalities for a ground area for enterprise or office, where to learn modern methods of management, to resist under the conditions of crisis these questions were discussed by businessmen of Seversk rayon on exit appointment led by the Vice-Head of the region Aleksey Agafonov.

But before to meet local businessmen Aleksey Agafonov by order of the Head of the region familiarised with the way of realisation of the regional program "Dwelling" in Seversk rayon.

Aleksey Agafonov visited cottage settlement of Severskaya stanitsa where low-rise buildings are constructed under the pre-fabricated technologies.

Already today the cosy so called "Canadian small houses" are ready to be moved into by new tenants. It is planned by the administration of Seversk to build 148 similar cottages. For today 25 houses are already constructed. The commissioning schedule of low-rise habitation is impressive. This year it is planned to build 63 low-rise houses, and in 2010 are 64 ones else. The civil engineering infrastructure for new habitation is on high level of readiness: there are running water and electricity, asphalt and broken-stone roads are laid.

The authorities of Seversk rayon have already allocated new investment platforms for building in Chernomorsk and Ilsk settlements.

Aleksey Agafonov underlined, that pre-fabricated and cheap habitation is the most optimum decision of the "housing problem" for the residents of the region for today:

- The Head of the region Alexander Nikolayevich Tkachev set the task to build habitation quickly and as much as possible cheaply. It is necessary to provide the residents of the region with normal habitation with the reasonable price. Each family should have a possibility to get a modern cottage convenient to live in.

Aleksey Agafonov also visited enterprise "Artisan" which specialises on producing of non-alcoholic and low-alcohol beverages. The factory repeatedly was the winner and the laureate in a great number of domestic and foreign sampling competitions.

Today the enterprise is re-equipped: the new equipment is purchaseв to shortly open a the juice processing line.

"Artisan" is the vivid example of how the small-scale business with competent management and serious approach to business can grow into the successful large enterprise which even under conditions of crisis is "afloat" and develops.

Conversation with businessmen proceeded in the regional administration. Aleksey Agafonov underlined that development of the small- and medium-scale business is under the personal control of the Head of the region. Business support is one of the major points of the regional anti-recessionary plan.

Under the new heavy economic conditions the small-scale business plays a great role. A role of "an air bag" economy, the main lever of the economic and social stability.

Thereupon the authority guarantees accurate performance of its liabilities. Businessmen can expect a support of the regional and local administrations in three basic directions - financial, property and infrastructural help.

Businessmen discussed with the Vice-Head of the region not only problems of business dealing under the new economic conditions. Today under conditions of the global crisis, the majority of businessmen felt an absolute must to study modern methods of management.

Thereupon Aleksey Agafonov charged the local authorities to organise a cycle of seminars for businessmen of Seversk rayon concerning obtaining of credits, subsidising, the tax laws and variety of other actual problems of business dealing.

Seversk businessmen also addressed to the Vice-Head of the region with the offer to consider possibility of creation a business incubator where along with concessionary terms of use of the premises equipped with office furniture, office equipment, modern communication facilities, provided a service of beginning businessmen. These are services of legal, accounting, marketing and external economic support of business.

Aleksey Agafonov assured, that the problem to be thoroughly study and the optimum decision to be found. Because occurrence of similar "business oasis" in many respects would simplify opening of the new enterprises in the rayon and essentially would support beginning businessmen.

Department of Investments and Project Support of the Krasnodar Region