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"Azov-city": works on creation of an engineering infrastructure of the gambling zone go to plan

The Vice-Head of the region Alexey Agafonov by order of the Head of region Alexander Nikolaevich Tkachev carried out a visiting meeting in Shcherbinovsk rayon on a building site of the "Azov-City". The theme of the conversation with the authorities of the region, the Krasnodar management of "Azov-city" and contractors is a partial progress on on creation of an engineering infrastructure of the gambling zone.

- We have no time for starting to move. Today it is necessary to unite efforts of the power structures, interested departments and contractors to provide the beginning of the "Azov-city" functioning by July, 1st, 2009 when under the law the gaming should move to specially allotted zones. The regional and municipal authorities should achieve that the engineering networks to be constructed by this date necessary, - the Vice-Head of the region underlined.

Krasnodar region promised to provide conditions for the gambling zone to start to work by the appointed date and fairly carries them out. Today our region is the only of five Russian regions where "good luck cities" are created continue building of the gambling zone. On the building site "Azov-City" work more than 50 units of building technics and over 100 experts.

The first in Russia the region carried out the open auctions on sale of the rights of rent on the ground areas in the gambling zone and began to create the infrastructure on the territory of the first stage of the gambling zone with the total the area of 150 hectares. The works began in August of the last year and for this purposes it was assigned a half-billion rubles from the regional budget.

During this time it was taken out almost 200 thousand cubic meters of a fertile layer on unproductive soils and it was delivered more than 40 thousand cubic meters of building materials. On three basic motorways with the total extent of 4 kilometers it was laid crushed-stone base. 2400 meters of a sewer collector were laid. And to provide the building site of the gambling zone with the electricity, the Krasnodar management of "Azov-City" established and put in operation the electro substation BKTP 400.

In January, 2009 the building of treatment facilities was started.

In the very beginning of March the lining of electric systems and water supply networks, installation of intrasite substations and a lining of a planting gas pipeline to begin. The 13-kilometers line of a gas pipeline to farm Molchanovka is already laid and under tests.

The major repairs of road from village Shabelskoye to the "Azov-city" is nip and tuck. The road basis is practically completely replaced. Now it is a gravel roadway but as soon as it become warmer, the road to be asphalted.

The "Azov-city" grows not only with the engineering infrastructure. In December, 2008 the building of the first gambling institution "Oracle" was begun. The company "Royal Time", one of winners of the auctions on the right of rent of the ground areas in "Azov-city", became the pioneer there.

By the present time in the gambling zone there is also such blessing of a civilisation as stable cellular communication.

- To fully carry out the obligations on building of the infrastructure of the first stage of the "Azov-city", all participants of this scale project should regularly "be guided", operatively solve all working questions arising at the first and most important and most difficult stage of creation of the gambling zone, - Alexey Agafonov summed up the work of visiting meeting.

"The investors of the "Azov-city" has all possibilities to successfully begin building, including one within the limits of state-private partnership", - the Vice-Head of the region underlined.


Department of Investments and Project Support of the Krasnodar Region