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Taman is able and should become a destination for investors

Taman is the territory with huge investment potential. The Head of the region Alexander Nikolaevich Tkachev considers, that today Temrjuksk rayon is one of the most perspective from the investment point of view and gives to development of this territory a huge significance.

How to make Taman the real destination for investors was the main theme of the conversation on a visiting meeting carried out by the order of the Head of the region by the Vice-Head of the region Alexey Agafonov.

The Temrjuksk rayon possesses all components to make powerful investment rapid progress. Taman is the only territory in the region having both two operating deep-water ports and one being under construction. Besides it is 220 kilometers of sandy beaches, warm superficial sea and unique mud volcanoes. It is the ideal place for family rest and treatment, isn't it? And it can be used all-the-year-round.

As the Vice-Head of the region Alexey Agafonov underlined, such recreational resources are splendid possibility to make the recreational branch as one of the main directions of development of Temrjuksk rayon.

But for today Taman can accept tourists only in the summer. There is the only recreation center in the rayon working all year long.

Certainly, last year 100 health resorts of Taman have increased quantity of tourists. But it is only the beginning. In the long term, the flow of tourists in Taman should be not less, than to Anapa and Gelendzhik. But for this purpose it is necessary to involve investments into accomplishment of resort territories and into considerably to improve quality of service.

Alexey Agafonov is sure, that the richest potential of Temrjuksk rayon is used today not as much as possible. And after all the rayon has every chance to get in the top on investment development. However following the results of January, 2009, the volume of investments in the rayon on large and medium-sized organisations was 3.2 percent comparing with the same indicator in January, 2008.

- It is unacceptable even under conditions of the financial crisis! - the Vice-Head oа the region underlined.

It is necessary all competitive advantages of Temrjuksk rayon to be used this year, - was said at the meeting with a management of municipality and regional branch departments


The Acting Head of the rayon Alexander Dymchenko said that it is planned by the local administration to carry out a number of actions on development of the economy and increase of investment appeal of Taman.

In the long term, port "Caucasus" to become the centre of a railway ferry communication in the south of Russia. All technical possibilities of port "Temryuk" to be used as much as possible. And, certainly, high rates of building of port "Taman" with capacity up to 30 million tons of cargoes per year to be provided.

This year building of the Taman transshipment complex, a sea transshipment complex of liquefied hydrocarbonic gases in port Temryuk should be finished. It is also planned to finish designing and to begin building of a transshipment complex of chemical cargoes in port Temryuk.

There are also a lot of interesting plans of the management of Temrjuksk rayon concerning the recreational sphere. In statitsa Golubitskaya, the most popular vacation spot, there to be therapeutic mud baths. Nearby hotels to be constructed. In prospect there to be also a quay where tourists and local residents to be able to have a walk.

Temryuk to be also changed. There is Naberezhnaya Street ("quay" in Russian) in the city, there is no quay. It is impossible to get to the sea even by an off-road car when it is slush, so nothing to say about walking. But the Head of Temrjuksk rayon assures: in the near future there to be a comfortable rest-zone.

Taman is not only ports and a resort zone. The business card of the rayon was and is a wine growing and winemaking. Separate sectors of the rayon are already working on the world standards. Now it is necessary to achieve, that all wine sector of Temryuk worked so that each bottle would have the right to get a brand of "Wine of Kuban" and be competitive in the international market.

Besides, the winemaking can become an additional bait for tourists. Who can refuse the most interesting tourist routes on vineyards and factories and also rest in cool wine sampling halls? It means it is necessary to organise this work and to consider it properly.

Prospects of Taman are splendid. But there is also a serious problem which can become a stumbling-block. It is a shortage in electricity. Thereupon the Vice-Head of the region charged the administration of the rayon to develop the technical project with concrete instructions of the territories where there are shortage in electricity on a tight schedule.

- We should eliminate all problems which prevent to develop the rayon that is to liquidate a shortage in electricity and to provide gasification of remote settlements, - Alexey Agafonov underlined.

Also it is necessary to modernise the heat power equipment, to finish building of the new main susbstation "Vyshesteblievskaya" and to provide reconstruction of electro substations.

At the meeting there was a serious conversation on development of business in the rayon and about the help to local farmers which experience difficulties with selling of vegetables.

Alexey Agafonov is sure, that the problem can be solved, using measures of support of small and medium business also including personal part-time farms. Farmers, in their turn, suggested to consider possibility of the organisation of wholesale vegetable base. It is also possible to construct a processing shop there. Then not only the rayon to be supplied with fresh vegetables, but also the neighbouring territories. Besides such project could be interesting to investors.

According to the Vice-Head of the region using the system approach to work and a good interaction of all levels of the power Temrjuksk rayon not to have problems with investors.

- Even in days of financial crisis the development of resorts and agriculture to be invested in. These spheres always bring in return. Moreover, the crisis can help to involve tourists. Rest abroad rose in price, and it means more tourists to have rest on resorts of Taman. The main thing is to meet them in an appropriate manner, so that they would return there more and more times, - Alexey Agafonov underlined.

Department of Investments and Project Support of the Krasnodar Region