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It is necessary for small-scale business to provide predicted conditions for normal activity

The selector meeting under presidency of the Vice-Head of the region Alexey Agafonov took place in the regional administration. The overall performance of municipalities with references and complaints of businessmen arriving in authorities was analysed there.  

On the instructions of the Head of administration of the region his deputy led variety of exit meetings in cities and rayons to find out straight from businessmen's own lips how a small-scale business really is.

Alexey Agafonov is sure, that local authorities are just obliged to provide to business normal - that is predicted - conditions for work.

- While we not to have normal interaction of the power and business, we not to be able to break the main enemy of business - administrative barriers. At the municipal level there should be an accurate understanding of what importance support and attentive relation to problems of businessmen for development of cities and rayons are. The stance on problems of businessmen, the effective help to a small-scale business becomes a criterion of activity of the local administrations, - Alexey Agafonov summed up.

At the meeting it was said, that the analysis of activity of municipalities with references of businessmen henceforth to become regular. And such selector meetings with the management of rayons to be monthly led.

Department of Investments and Project Support of the Krasnodar Region