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The operation of gambling clubs and casinos at the territory of Russia will be stopped from July, 1st.

The exceptions will be presented by four specially allotted gambling areas, one of which – Azov-City – is situated at the border of Krasnodar region and Rostov Region.

The governor Alexander Tkatchev discussed at the meeting with heads of security agencies of the region and his deputies how the region is preparing to the opening of Kuban Las-Vegas.

There is less than a month till carrying into effect the Law "About governmental regulation of activities upon gaming management". According to this law all gambling establishments outside of specially allotted areas must be liquidated.

There are two ways for owners of gambling establishments: either to build new casinos and clubs in a gambling zone or to change a profile.

Firstly nobody believed that the project "Azov-City" will be realized. There were not a lot of businessmen who wanted to start business from scratch, first of all because of infrastructure issues. Nevertheless, nowadays there are 13 investors in the region, who are ready to invest in the gambling area.

- The administration of the region met all its engagements, - noticed the vice-governor Aleksey Agaphonov. – And today the main obligation is fulfilled that is infrastructure restrictions are removed. Gas and water will be there on July, 1st and electricity is already present.

The operating of gambling clubs is weighty clause of regional treasury that is almost two billion rubles! This year the budget can lose a certain sum. But already within a year, when the operation of gambling area will be adjusted, incomes become at least two times larger.

- From July, 1st all gambling establishments must be forced out, that is closed at the territory of Krasnodar region, except the gambling area Azov-City, - noticed Alexander Tkatchev.

Department of Investments and Project Support of the Krasnodar Region