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13 february 2009

The ways of cooperation of authority and business

In Krasnodar region together with the Foreign trade and investment bank it to be created the regional centre of the state-private partnership. Its main task to be co-financing of infrastructure projects on the territory of the region. 
12 february 2009

Green light to small business!

How is small and medium business in cities and rayons of the region? How not in words, but in practice the measures provided by the regional authorities on business support are realised? 
11 february 2009

The British business is interested in cooperation with Krasnodar region

The representatives of the Embassy of Great Britain including the Counsellor for building of the Embassy of United Kingdom Jonatahn Farager and the Senior Counsellor for trade and investments (the sector of the Olympic games) Irina Karabanova arrived at Krasnodar. 
05 february 2009

The settlement Girey in Gulkevich rayon to be supplied with central heating, running water and electricity

The Vice-Head of the region Alexey Agafonov held a conference of the anti-recessionary staff in Gulkevich rayon. And before it he visited settlement Girey where inhabitants’ problem couldn't be solved without intervention of the regional authorities. 

05 february 2009

Results of Green Week 2009 international exhibition

The Green Week international agribusiness exhibition is the largest and best known exhibition of food, farming, forestry and orchard industry in the world. Every year more than 1500 companies from all continents take part in the Green Week international agribusiness exhibition.
05 february 2009

Programme of Support for Exporters in Krasnodar Region for 2010-2012

The Department of External Economic Activity of Krasnodar Region has begun preparing a Programme of Support for exporter businesses and Kuban producers. The Programme is aimed at developing production in the Region, creating new jobs and generating tax revenues.
04 february 2009

The Vice-Head of the region Alexey Agafonov said, that Krasnodar region has all chances to keep an investment line of development

To keep an investment line of development of the economy of Krasnodar region, to provide realisation of the investment projects of high level of readiness, to create as much as possible comfortable conditions for investors and small-scale business development in each territory of the region. 
30 january 2009

An anti-recessionary task force headquarters session was carried out in the regional administration

To survive and to overcome the crisis – such a task was set by the governor of Kuban Alexander Tkatchev at enlarged anti-recessionary task force headquarters session, which was carried out in the administration of the region. 
27 january 2009

Jambulat Hautov: "We will run on final result. This result should feel every citizen of Kuban!"

By the order of the governor his first deputy Jambulat Hautov carried out a meeting with departments’ heads of economic section of administration of the region upon the correction of a plan of anti-recessionary measures directed to competitive recovery of Kuban economy. 
23 january 2009

Aleksey Agafonov: "Our aim is not to lose growth rates of the economy of the region and to save investment volume at the level of last year"

Aleksey Agafonov: "Our aim is not to lose growth rates of the economy of the region and to save investment volume at the level of last year". The task of the governor upon investment attraction is fulfilled in corpora – 318.5 billion rubles are invested in the economy of Krasnodar region in 2008. It for 20.5% increases the figure of 2007. Aleksey Agafonov noticed that the region still has the best investment climate in Russia, and no declared investor pulled out the realization of the project at the territory of Kuban.
16 january 2009

The exposition of Krasnodar region at "Green week" takes a fifths part of Russian exhibition hall

The largest in the world exhibition of food, agricultural, forest and horticultural production "Green week" began its work in Berlin. About 1500 companies from all continents of the world take part in this exhibition annually to test their production’s market potential.
31 december 2008

A New Year’s Greeting of the Governor А.N. Tkachev to the People of Kuban

The New Year is nearing. It is the only time when we begin the countdown of how many days, hours, minutes remain until the clock strikes; when the whole family sits around the festal table. The smell of a fir and tangerines, like in the childhood, will fill up our homes with a special warmth and comfort.
30 december 2008

A conference led by the Kuban’s governor Mr. Aleksander Tkachev and the power block representatives of the region was devoted to the provision of security in the region during the New Year’s festivities

The New Year’s holidays in our country are traditionally celebrated in a big way. However, not always the long winter holidays end up quite happily. The statistics shows that, in the first place, during the first week of January the number of fires, traumas, poisonings increases in Russia. Kuban is not lagging behind the All-Russian tradition where the New Year is celebrated for a long time, thoroughly and, often, carelessly.
29 december 2008

Under the chairmanship of the vice-governor of Kuban Galina Zolina there was held another conference call regarding control of the Regulation fulfillment "About the measures on prevention of neglect and delinquency of minors in the Krasnodar Region"

In spite of the fact that the "children’s" law was accepted about five months ago, still, some municipalities tackle the implementation of it according to the leftover principle. The Ust-Labinsky Area is the most different one amongst the rest in this regard. A recent night inspection, held by the specialists of Krasnodar Region Administration in the regional center, as well as the villages of Volzhskaya and Ladozhskaya, revealed a number of the most blatant violations.
29 december 2008

The results of the old year and priorities of the future one were discussed at the last, in 2008, regional conference

Under the chairmanship of Aleksander Tkachev there were assembled his deputies, heads of departments and regional agencies.
26 december 2008

The results of the first phase of works on provision of the engineering infrastructure for the first construction turn of the gambling zone of Azov-City have been summarized by the first vice-governor Yevgeny Muravyov at the conference with investors and

Building and assembly jobs in the Kuban part of the zone started back in August. Since then, about 200,000 cubic meters of fertile layer of earth have been removed and taken away, over 35,000 cubic meters of sand, crushed stone and other materials were delivered, the jobs on laying the water supply and sewer systems began.

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