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Industry of Krasnodar Region

The basis of industrial production of the Krasnodar Region is composed of more than five thousand and four hundred enterprises of large scale, small- and medium-sized businesses. Krasnodar, Armavir, Tikhoretsk, Novorossiysk, Kropotkin, Slavyansk-na-Kubani, Krymsky and Timashevsky districts are the industrial centers of Kuban. 

Regional legislation ensures transparency of the investment process, stability of the legal framework, protection of investors' rights, as the owners, and provides favorable conditions for the functioning of enterprises during the period of the investment project implementation. 

Here are some figures, reflecting the investment attractiveness of the Krasnodar Region - more than 750 enterprises with foreign capital successfully carry out their activities in the region. The enterprises are established with foreign participants from more than seventy countries.

Machine building and metalworking of the Krasnodar Region are represented by more than 2,500 enterprises of railway, agricultural, chemical and petroleum engineering, electrical engineering, machine building and defense industries, instrument making, repair of machinery and equipment, as well as the entities of small businesses with a total number of employees of about 60 thousand people. In the total volume of industrial production in the Krasnodar Region the rate of mechanical engineering and metalworking is more than 10 percent.

The chemical sector of the Krasnodar Region comprises over 700 large, medium- and small-sized enterprises carrying out their activities. Positive dynamics of the industry development is ensured by the growth of production of the most important kinds of products – mineral fertilizers, paint and varnish products, chemical fibers, molded mechanical rubber goods, conveyor rubber belts, synthetic resins and plastic mixtures, pipes and other products. 

The woodworking complex occupies an important place in the economy of the Krasnodar Region. The bulk volume of timber that of the forest resources of the Krasnodar Region is comprised of the most valuable hardwoods: oak, beech, green ash, and robinia. Conifers – fir trees, pines, and spruces. Resource potential of the region: 1.5 million cubic meters - the annual felling of trees in the protective forest plantations; 1 million 65 cubic meters - logging in the forests. In this sector of industry more than 700 companies carry out their activities. There is a significant potential growth of production of furniture and wood processing in the Krasnodar Region. 

Department for Industry of the Krasnodar Region has elaborated and proposed investment projects for consideration as follows: 

· Organization of production of MDF boards; 

· Organization of production of glued veneer beams (LVL); 

· Construction of a factory for production of prefabricated wooden panel houses; 

· Production of fuel granules (pellets) from sawdust and wood wastes; 

· Increase of the manufacturing capacity for crystalline iodine production; 

· Construction of a new factory of mechanical rubber goods; 

· Arranging in Russia production of the crystalline beta-carotene and the foodstuffs enriched with it, as well as practical and medicinal agents; 

· Manufacture of crop protection chemicals; 

· Organization of production of modern household appliances: refrigerators, microwave ovens, automatic and semi-automatic washing machines, electric household ovens, and household gas equipment; 

· Creating a large-scale production of solar elements of the power system modules with an annual output of 10 MW/year in Krasnodar; 

· Expanding production of soil cultivating machinery. 

Department for Industry of the Krasnodar Region provides comprehensive support to investors and is ready to consider projects on attraction of advanced technologies, and managerial expertise. The region has a favorable regime for implementation of the investment projects. 

Department for Industry of the Krasnodar Region

176 Krasnaya Street, 350020 Krasnodar, Russia

Tel.: +7(861) 253-94-88, Fax: 253-94-90