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Agriculture of Krasnodar Region

Kuban has long and justly been called the “pearl” of Russia, its main bread-basket and a leader in the agricultural sector of the country. This reputation has been earned not only due to its unique natural and climatic conditions, but also for its hospitality and industriousness of its inhabitants, and wealth in the economic and cultural life being created by their hands, minds and energy.

Taking into account the existing geographical conditions and features of the territory of our region it is conditionally divided into five natural-economic zones, which determined their specificity in the agricultural activities of people. In the northern and central zones they grow and cultivate grain, sugar beet, sunflower and soya; in the west – rice; in Anapa - Black Sea - viticulture and winemaking; and at the southern foothills - potatoes, vegetables, tea, and citrus cultures. Due to the high culture of agriculture, the Krasnodar Region, having only three percent of arable land of the Russian Federation, produces six percent of gross agricultural output of the country. In crop sector the region cultivates over one hundred crops.                                            

In geographical terms the region consists of two parts. Northern and central parts, including the Kubano - Priazovskaya lowland, are occupied with the steppes of black soils, while the southern part includes almost all the Black Sea coast occupied chiefly with mountainous terrain. The Kuban steppe is very favorable for agriculture, so practically all of its territory is a single huge field.  

Thus, geographical location and natural and climatic conditions of the region, effected by the boundaries of temperate and subtropical climate zones, availability of good agricultural land defined the main direction of the regional economy - a powerful agro-industrial complex for production and processing of agricultural products and delivery of food to the industrial centers of the country.

The total land area in the region is over 7.5 million hectares, including 3.65 million hectares of arable land. This is one of the major regions to ensure the food security of the country. The region produces more than 7.5% of gross agricultural output in Russia. The agro-industrial complex is the foundation of the economy of the Krasnodar Region. Its proportion in the volume of the gross regional product is 25%. 

The agro-industrial complex of Kuban comprises 4,150 operational enterprises of different forms of ownership. Agricultural output in the region is maintained by 760 large scale and medium-sized collective farms, 17.3 thousand peasant (farmer) entities, as well as about 870,000 personal subsidiary plots.