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Science in Krasnodar region

The Scientific and technical potential of region is made 7 thousand scientific and scientific and pedagogical workers, including by 2,8 thousand candidates and 1,3 thousand doctors of sciences.

Basis of a scientifically-educational complex of Kuban are the state universities and specialised scientific research institutes. Scientific edges conduct fundamental and applied researches in the field of biology and medicine, chemistry and physics, mathematicians, social and the humanities.

The basic directions of scientific activity in Krasnodar territory:

  • Technologies of live systems;
  • Information and telecommunication technologies;
  • New materials with the set properties;
  • Optical and оптоэлектронные technologies;
  • Ecological monitoring and technologies of rehabilitation of environment, rational wildlife management;
  • Power and alternative energy sources;
  • New methods of diagnostics, preventive maintenance and treatment of diseases of the person;
  • Technologies of processing of agricultural production and a functional foodstuff;
  • Modern geodynamics, geophysics, seismicity of region.

Basic researches are supported by the state, applied – on the basis of state-private partnership.

To edge territory it is concentrated more than 130 state scientific organisations of a various profile.

Leading scientific institutions of edge:

The All-Russia scientific research institute of rice

350101, Russia, Krasnodar, п/о Belozernoe

The North Caucasian zone scientific research institute of gardening and wine growing

350029, Russia, Krasnodar, street of 40-years of the Victory, 39

The Krasnodar scientific research institute of agriculture

350012, Russia, Krasnodar-12

The All-Russia scientific research institute of biological protection of plants

350039, Russia, Krasnodar-393

The All-Russia scientific research institute of olive cultures

350036, Russia, Krasnodar, street Filatova, 17

Scientific research institute medical

354376, Krasnodar territory, Sochi, with. Cheerful, 1

Southern research-and-production association on sea prospecting works

353461 Krasnodar territory, Gelendzhik, street Crimean, 20

Southern branch of institute of oceanology of a name of P.P.Shirshov

Russia, Krasnodar territory, Gelendzhik-7, Oceanology

In edge Is innovative-technological centre "Kuban-south", the Center of a transfer of technologies works. The innovative infrastructure of region develops.

Vocational training of Krasnodar territory

The spectrum of educational institutions of Krasnodar territory includes kindergartens, schools, colleges, technical schools, institutes and universities, and both state, and private.

The system of the higher vocational training of Krasnodar territory includes 142 high schools.

Preparation is conducted on 230 specialities, including in the field of biotechnology, нанотехнологии, information-communication technologies, etc.

The international cooperation is carried out more than with 40 countries of the world.

The largest high schools of region concern:

The Kuban state university – is based in 1924. Today it is the largest, dynamically developing high school of the South of Russia, conducting preparation on 84 specialities.

The Kuban state university is a high school of a classical education for which high level of fundamental theoretical preparation together with deep practical knowledge is characteristic. КубГУ actively co-operates with high schools of the USA, Italy, England, France, Germany, Greece, Turkey, Syria, Korea, Vietnam, Jordan and other countries.

350040, Krasnodar, the Stavropol street, 149


The Kuban state agrarian university – the largest agricultural high school of Russia and Europe, is formed in 1922. A member of the European Association of agrarian high schools.

Now the university co-operates with high schools and scientific institutions more than 20 countries of the world, including with the countries of Asia, Africa, Latin America.

350044, Krasnodar, street of Kalinin, 13


The Kuban state medical university

The university is one of leading medical high schools of region and Russia, occupying 9 place in a rating of medical high schools of the Russian Federation; includes 5 faculties (medical, pediatric, mediko-preventive, stomatologic, pharmaceutical), 72 chairs, faculty of improvement of professional skill and professional retraining of experts, 2 own clinics – base akushersko-gynecologic clinic «the Center of mother and the child» and stomatologic polyclinic, scientifically-medical library, виварий, and also administrative and economic divisions.

350063, Krasnodar, the Gray hair, 4